Pinnacle of Innovation, Welcome Android Pie 9.0


The leading edge of upcoming software for the android phones after “Oreo” that will blow the mind of its users is “Android 9” and the name given to android 9.0 is “Pie”. Though the name is not as much fascinating as it used to be for previous Android versions, but it is what google named it this time. This time, main attraction is not the name, but the features it comes with in. Android Pie is very much adoptive to its users. It learns how you are using the phone, what are your preferences and will get better and better as you do.


What disturbing your mind is “features”. There are many innovative and advanced features that will help you to grab more from you device.

  • Adoptive battery maintenance
  • Adoptive brightness
  • Adopt to your morning practices
  • Adopt to your work situations (helpful)
  • Accession just got easier
  • Screen shot
  • Alteration in sounds option
  • Text magnifier
  • Digital well-being
  • Advance security feature
  • Dark and light mode

Let’s tackle all these in detail one-by-one.


Adoptive Battery Maintenance:

Are you sick of your early battery drainage? It still not a problem anymore. Adoptive battery in “pie” will let you ride your device longer on a single charge. It determine the apps you like to use the most and become adopt to them. It don’t let the other apps to drain the battery without their use. The most interesting feature is that it show a pop up screen which notifies that to what time yours battery will last. For example it tells your phone will last till 10:20 pm. It’s a need we want but mostly passed by. The problem of early battery drainage is solved to some extent.

android pie adoptive battery maintenance

Adoptive Brightness:

Are you lethargic of changing the brightness of your phone in shade and sun? Don’t deal with it anymore. Let the “pie” deal with it. The feature “adoptive brightness” learns how much brightness you like to set in different environment. Afterwards it will automatically set brightness the same as you like when you are exposed to different environment. So you need not to change the brightness in shade or in the sun. Be more concerned and forget forever about changing the brightness of your phone.


android pie adoptive brightness

Adoptive to Morning Practice and Work:

Do you forget to feed your cat in the morning? Now you will not miss it next time, “Pie” will recalls you. Device will learn your morning activities. When you add your activities in “morning commute” it will make a list and recalls you what to do next. It sets time for each task to be done in. In this way you can access to new task quickly and can easily get to your goals. When you are at work it will learn from your usage of the apps, words, contacts and predict what you should do next. In this way these contacts and apps remains on the front page till you are at work.


Accession Just Got Easier “Innate Navigation”:

android pie accession got easier

It is far more better to switch between the apps you want to access more naturally using gestures other than using buttons. In older versions there are three virtual buttons one is for home, other one is for back and the last one is for recently used apps but in android pie this practice is totally altered and the recent software has two buttons istead of three(one is more dominant which is home button). This is an innovative idea for showing the complete pop up pages which moves like flying in air in a Horizontal manner. You can open it simply by the sweeping up the home. These apps are those apps which are recently used. If you again sweep it up it will bring you to the app door. If you sweep the button to the right it will move your pages and you can also move pages by sweeping them. You can now copy some text you want from these flying pages simply by long press and can paste it on other pages.

One more thing when you sweep up you will see a bar in the bottom containing some app buttons. Google checks what apps you use mostly and make their list in this bar so can easily access to these apps. So the accession to the apps got easier.

Screen Shot:

There is a new way of having the screen shot in the android pie. In older version you can take screen shot by long pressing power and volume down button, it somehow feels difficult to press the two buttons at the same time, but in the latest version you can long press the power button and here you see the screen shot option. You can have screen shot in either way. In this new version you can now have edit tools which were never really had before. You have to edit shot in google photos but now you can edit it eventually. In this editor you have simple tools a custom crop option, a pen for drawing something, a highlighter, undo and redo button.

Alteration the Sound Option:

Here is a new cool change in the android pie in the volume option. In the previous android versions when you press volume button you the the volume bar on the top of the screen but now you can see this bar on the right side of the screen just near the volume buttons. it somehow feels more cool than before.

Now you have the option to change the sound to vibrate, silent, ring   one by one directly by long pressing the power and volume up button. You will see a notification which tells you which sound mode is going to turn on. When you increase the volume you can see an option for silent the phone.

Text Magnifier:

Are you finding difficulty in selecting texts? You must be happy to know that google has integrated a magnifying feature which is seen on the top of the text you are selecting. This magnifier seems like a virtual magnifying glass. It is basically the feature of IOS phones. Google find it a very revolutionary feature and implement it in the new software android 9 pie. When you need precession in selecting text it is a very helpful tool.

Digital Well-being:

This is very interesting and innovative option the Android 9 pie the motto of which is “technology should help not distract”. Google is introducing new tools that will to learn how you should use your phone. But it will not disturb you, you can adjust the settings if you want.

It contain three options:

  • Dash board
  • App timer
  • Wind screen


As for making you a wellbeing digitally, google has taken a revolutionary step. As the word “board” is used an idea comes in mind about some of type records or information. Yes it is record, record of time for an app being used. It tells you how long you use certain app. In this feature you can achieve your goal of digitally wellbeing.

App Timer:

You can set a timer for particular apps, when you are near the time limits of the app you will receive a notification and when the app times out the icon of the app turns grey which alarms you that you are exceeding you time limit and reminds you of your goals.

Wind Down:

A new feature which works on the bases of time. When its night the phone will automatically turns the grey scale to high level which reminds you about you should plug you phone of and go to sleep. It is also helpful because it doesn’t let your eyes to be effected. In this way this feature is health saving.

android pie digital wellbeing wind screen

Advance Security Feature:

The security of the android 9 pie is enhanced as the unused apps which runs in the background are automatically closed. As some apps need permission for camera gallery contacts and other private data, when these apps runs in the background they may be scamer apps and could scam your private data while running in the background. Now android pie is very secure as it shuts the unused apps off. In this way you could secure your private data with the help of android 9 pie.

Another security system which is not in the older versions is that is has a lock down option (you can open it by long pressing the power button). By pressing the lock down button you screen will be lock and could not open even by fingerprint or iris scanner or any other sensor even if really you yourself tries to open the phone. The only way to open the phone is by security code or pin code. This lock is unable to be bypassed. You can use this option in some emergency situations like theft or in some cases someone forces to open the lock and forcefully use your fingerprint or iris.  This option is not available by default you need to turn it on in the setting. Setting > security and location > lock screen preferences. Turn the “lock down” to on and lets the party begin.

Light and Dark Mode:

This is the feature of great importance in android pie as it works for display in day and night. In the day white light mode works well as it is more bright than dark and could be seen clearly in the day. In night dark mode woks well as light mode is like piercing in the eyes. Otherwise it is choice of the user what he likes for the use.


There are some of the limitation given below

  • Google has just allowed this software to his own phones like pixel phone.
  • Another limitation of android pie is that it only available for the phones having android beta
  • These phones includes Sony mobiles, HMD Global, xiaomi, Oppo, vivo, one plus and some other phones
  • Most embarrassing limitation in Android Pie is that it is not launched with new wellness feature by default you need to sign up for beta and buy a pixel device. These new features are not officially launched. It is expected that they would officially launched in October.

Here is a good new for the users of other phones they need not to be depressed, developers of other companies are making agreements with google for having this software and to bestow android pie to its users. You must check for new updates on the daily bases soon you will get this software.

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