Have you ever wondered download a song, music track or some other thing in the form of mp3 directly to your computer?If so reading this article will give you a better understanding about the latest available fast and top downloaders to download youtube videos directly as mp3.

When I look back about my daily routine, youtube takes a major role because I use to watch YouTube videos most of the time as it’s a great source of latest happenings and information. In my point of view, I think that YouTube has even one video related to anything that we can think of and we can say that it;s the latest growing platform of information. People tents to watch videos than reading the boring text, because the human eye like visuals than text.Oh..too much exaggeration. Back to our topic :p

Have you thought about the average amount of data that we need to watch a regular YouTube video? Oh, i forgot to tell you something, actually, this downloader help especially when it comes to songs and music tracks. Let’s take an example YouTube video. I will take the “Ed Sheeran – Shape of You [Official Video] ” video on youtube.

If you listen or watch this video on youtube it will eat 172Mb of your data. If you listen to 6 songs like this it will eat up 1 Gb + of your data.This is just an example. The fact that I wanted to highlight was, If you are only listening to this on youtube it’s waste os data.Because I used to open up a YouTube playlist when I’m sleeping and I close it in the morning and I do it most of the time when I’m writing blog posts and doing online stuff. You know what happened every month before I figure out the mistake in doing? My whole 100 Gb internet package was finishing when it comes to 10th of each month.

I was shocked and I though that someone has hacked my router password. No.. I was wrong. That was youtube who eat up my data secretly :O.Maybe you are doing the same thing like me and it’s a waste of data. So though of finding a solution for this. I tried to download the songs I want by googling and sometimes it worked by sometimes didn’t. Mp3skull is a site that you can use to download music directly. But finding the song I exactly wanted was a huge problem. But in youtube, you just need to search and a ton of related videos pops up.

So I wanted to download the mp3 version of the video I like on YouTube so that I can play I using a music player on my laptop. The reason is .mp3 file size is way less than a .mp4 file. We will see what is the file size of the previous video we have selected in .mp3 file in a moment.So I researched a bit on how to download youtube videos in .mp3 format and came to know that there are online tools to do that and I was like “oh man…this is cool”.

There were tons of downloaders and I have selected the best one for you. Best means the easiest and the fastest downloader + easy to use. It’s called “Online Video Converter” the current version is 3.0. You just need to copy and paste the link of the youtube video that you want to download. Let’s see how we can do it,

    1. Go to Online Video Converter, just CLICK HERE
    2. Copy the link of the youtube video you want to download, for me, it is the link of the song that I selected earlier.

      Coping the link of the you tube video.
    3. Paste in on Online Video Converter

      Pasting the link on converter
    4. Click Start and it will start processing
  1. Click on Download

You can see it’s only 6.03 Mb :), now you can create a playlist on your laptop by using this method. I was able to save a huge amount of data by using this method. Maybe you all already know this one. But I think this is useful even for few of you.

This method works for every video on youtube. Suppose you want to download some relaxation music tracks which is on youtube go ahead with this technique, you will be able to replay the tracks using a media player on your laptop, only a few Mbs will take to download the .mp3 track.

I hope that you enjoyed reading article. We love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. So if you have time write a comment and share this article with your friends. See you in the next article.Im Shay Morgan . Take care.



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