Face ++ technology introduced in China

Time is changing continuously and introducing great technology in this world. Technology is expanding especially in China as Chinese invent face++ which can be used to transfer money by recognizing face of the owner. Face reorganization can be used to purchase anything.
This technology has amazed world so it is going popular day by by and also being used in various popular apps to purchase products and deals.
Alipay is an app which is used by more than 121 million people in China also include face recognition as credential. Beside this Didi a famous ride-hailing company also use face recognition face++ to transfer money.
Almost in all country included Pakistan, Bio-Matric system has been introduced and now government has access to all the citizens.Face++ can use their data and utilize it to welcome the new world.

This technique can highly adopted to recognize criminals from data-base by just using CCTV cameras.Face recognition has been used for many years but this time it is used as secure and accurate transformation of money.It is smooth and secure way of transaction.
A assistant professor at Peking university named Shiliang Zhang who has specialized in image processing and machine learning says that “Face recognition market would be huge in upcoming days.
In China security is most important part of country so many of the companies have started working in face recognition so that it would be more efficient and secure.
One of the most popular company named Baidu which also owned a search engine also appreciate this effort.Baidu researchers also published a news in newspaper that there software can recognize almost every person in the world because of their face. Many people not pay attention to their talks but in January company verified his talks by taking part in T.V show and recognize adults by their childhood pictures.That was a remarkable success in the field if I.T.Now Baidu is developing a face recognition system in which passenger can travel anywhere in the train by just recognizing his/her face.This can help tourist to travel without any worry.It would work on scan bases and then search it from data-base.
A associate professor at Tsinghua university appreciate efforts and advised the founder of face++ that this technology is appealing world the most as it provide access in shopping malls.It could be better experience if a person walked in the coffee shop and staff of coffee shop may alerted by facial recognition  and greet the person.


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