Sign in Error in Xbox One: Status Shown to Many of the Gamers of Xbox

signing in error in xbox one

Gamers found a hurdle in signing in the core of online service which laid them to a lot of loss in their gaming progress. Gamers were annoyed with the Xbox live status of sign in error in Xbox.

Cause of the Error:

Microsoft has uploaded an update tonight on the major gaming platforms of Xbox (Xbox one, Box 360 and Xbox on Windows) which became the cause for the Xbox sign in problem.

Microsoft has send another update which reads:

Our engineers and developers are actively continuing to work to resolve
the issue causing some members to have problems in signing in to Xbox
live. Stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

Appearance of the Error:

The pop up page that became the headache for the gamers playing live appears as 0x87dd0006

sign in error in xbox one error screenshot

Time of the Error Caused:

The issue turned its head on the ground at 1:00, Thu, Aug 16, 2018 and let his users to struggle for the survival in the game.

The users of Xbox one, Xbox 360, Xbox for windows are reporting the problem with sign in and playing games since that night.

The Microsoft website stated for the code, which has become wound under the armpit as:

This may mean that there’s a network
issue in connecting to the Xbox live.

Some Instant Solutions:

As the lock is created somewhere key must also be created same as here as problem arise you here are some solutions you should try which may help you to solve out the problem.

Solution 1:

Check the live service status of xbox, if there is alert poping up wait until the service run if not retry.

Solution 2 (Restart):

If solution 1 is not working reboot the xbox showing the error to reset the network connection. The reboot is also known as powercycle. To do powercycle you need to press and hold the power button for almost 10 seconds while the system is on. You can also reset your xbox form xbox settings; Open Guide >> Setting >> System >> Console Info & Update >> Reset Console.

If it doesn’t work on the problem till now, wait a little bit and try to sign in again.

There is no stated list on the website of Xbox one live status which give us the information that which part of the console is becoming the cause of the error. If the error remained till tonight there is chance for its users to see a new update containing a resolved error.


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