This is how GTA gained success in hijacking entertainment industry.


We all know GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game’s father of entertainment industry.The creator of that awesome game if Dave Jones.According to him the strategy used to develop GTA was the concept of pac -man in real time. Ghosts were police and the pedestrians were the dots that pac-man used to follow.The initial stage of the game even allow the user to play in any character, just like if user want to play as a police man he can easily play by choosing the police character but Dave said there is no fun of game in that strategy because it would not let the user’s imagination foucs on single life.

Crises when Gta was launched:-

There was many hurdles in the market when this game was launched because Clifford decided to ban Grand Theft Auto because the game was offering bad guys to slaughter policeman which was inappropriate.The police federation of England & Wale criticize as “sick”.American media also criticize on the bad image that would be develop in the user mind after playing the game because the game was totally against real life.

By the way somehow the industry bypasses these hurdles and Rockstar set up its headquater in Edinburgh with contribution of houser brother who were in charge in New York.

The company soon reached its height by successful metup with investors and make a good reputation in video game industry.In 2010 spouses of employees at rockstar studio use the internet to complain about bad management and working condition that is bringing an employee to undergo depression and do sucide.

Success journey of rockstar company:-

Rockstar team worked day and night and try every possible advertisement by making posters and  fleshing business brand names in the game.When Grand Theft Auto was released it was admitted that it was the first game that was very close to real life and can also be played on computer with less specifications.Basically game is showing the life of gang stars and their relationship between drugs and ammunitions.The game was also different from other games where a character is not thrown in a consecutive environment and cannot do anything else than a pre-described route.In this game a character is thrown in a virtual real world based environment where character is free to do things and can do any mission appear on the map.

The designing team makes houses scheme just alike California streets and house style.Rise in market shares of Grand Theft Auto rise from U.S.A and they gather enough money to launch a new version of game with more compatibilities, missions and story.That was restless struggle of RockStar team that in a very short duration of time they were able to make a reputed name in video game industry.

Current sale of GTA:-

Currently GTA V is launched in the market and which is the symbol of success of the game. In GTA V more graphic and real-world things are added just as animals but, the theme of the game remain same in all series.About 340,000 copies of GTA V was sold in a year in UK for PlayStation 4 because computer needs more specification to run game.

There’s never been any game before that occupied a stage in public place just like GTA V.In short,the endless entertainment and free to do things in the game make it’s fun more and more for a gamer because the mindset of the gamer is to configure all aspects and discover all the things that a game have.


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