Top 5 Best Selfie Apps For Android Smartphones


Today, every person have smartphones and people are crazy to take selfies and share it on the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp to name the few. Google’s PlayStore provides a lot of apps to enhance the quality of selfies. So today I am here with top 5 best selfie apps on Google PlayStore. Here is the list of top 5 best selfie apps. This list is created based on the number of really cool features they have like beautifying, cropping, color-adjustments and filters, background enhancements, etc.

  1. Beauty Plus Magical Camera
  2. FotoRus
  3. Camera Zoom FX Premium
  4. Retrica
  5. Perfect365: Best Face Makeup

These best selfie apps are in fact really awesome and you can take great selfies and share them with friends and have great fun. So the best Selfie Apps for the Android smartphones are below:

#1: Beauty Plus Magical Camera

This the best app which I should recommend to take selfie by android device. This app improves the beauty instantly while capturing the selfie by giving the natural effect to the pictures that you take through it. Additionally, this app have very positive user rating, reviews and download rates. You must try this app on your smartphones for taking selfies


  • Beauty camera adds a glowing complexion for perfect selfie pics and perfect face
  • Retouch skin tone by using our high-class skin smoothing makeover tool
  • Blemish remover allows you to make pimples and other skin problems disappear with just a tap
  • It also provide Selfie Timer built so you can get the perfect Hands-free shot

#2: FotoRus

This one app is also amazing app for best Selfies on Android. The size of the app is just 27 MB and give you extraordinary selfie taking experience on your device and it also help to take out the highly resolution selfie from your mobile


  • Photo Filter – Easily develops an official and fabulous photo. Perfect photo editor for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • No Crop Photo for Social Media – You can post full sized photo on the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without cropping
  • Photo Collage – Photo editor that helps you collage multiple photos with different frame patterns, photo grid and layout
  • Add text on Photos – Write text to the pictures by using different fonts styles. Yoi can also resize, color and apply some amazing text effects on them

#3: Camera Zoom FX Premium


This is one of most famous app having a lot of user that are presently using this app. This app offer awesome features like Stable shoot, beauty enhance, amazing filters and lot of more of things you come to know after using this app and installing on your smartphone.


  • Fully manually DSLR controls using camera API2!
  • Raw capture (supported devices)
  • Set ISO, exposure, Focus distance, shutter speed (Lollipop only)
  • Quicker, more powerful, material interface
  • Combine shooting modes, e.g. Time + HDR, Stable + timelapse
  • Specify button order in UX

#4: Retrica

This is also the one of the best app that you will surely like, this app have positive rating by the users on the Google Play Store. Infect more than 100 million photos are captured in one day with retrica with various trendy logos.


  • Generate beautiful photo, collage, video and even Gifs
  • Capture what you want on screen with over 100 real-time filters
  • Turn you smartphone into your photo booth
  • Mark your memory with Retica’s original stamp
  • Instantly upload your photo to favorite media platforms

#5: Perfect365: Best Face Makeup

As the name of the application shows, this is perfect to take selfies by your smartphone. This app will edit pic in a faultless way and make it representable to other. I hope you will surely like this app after using


  • More than 20 beauty and makeup tools so you can customized your personal style – liners, shadows, lipstick, and much more!
  • More than 200 pre-set Hot styles on tap looks!
  • Unlimited custom colors choices with Pro Color Palette – design your own look with unique color combos as you want
  • Most accurate makeup placement possible with cutting-edge and face detection!



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