Top 5 Mobile Apps to Learn Coding


Programming and Coding is the main thing that the computer weeds should know because it help them to select the bright career. Question here is how to learn coding with no prior knowledge of the field? If you want to learn programming you will find many articles on different websites that will help you to learn programming and coding.

However, if you are bored from computer or you not have access you can also learn programming languages on your Android smartphones. Therefore, I am making list of top 10 applications available on Google play store that will help you to learn coding.

  1. Programming Hub, Learn to Code
  2. Udacity – Learn Programming
  3. C Programming
  4. Learn Python
  5. Learn Programming 

#1 Programming Hub, Learn to Code

Programming Hub  provide you the facility of learning all top languages at one platform, anytime at any place. Programming hub provide you a giant crew of the programming for example, totally course material and compiler that you can practice and make perfect skill. All the programming requirements are collected in the single app that you can practice. The feature of this are given here


  • Over 1800+ programs in 17+ languages and counting, Programming hub has the largest and giant crew of pre-compiled programs with output for practice and learning well.
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS has the offline compiler for learning and do not need internet connection for practice and learning.
  • To make you learning interest the experts of the have created precise and to the point course collection which will help you to learn language in the better way.
  • Updates after the time with new programming examples and course contacts are also helpful to make your grip on the language strong.

#2 Udacity – Learn Programming

Udacity courses are taught by the experts of industry like Facebook, Google, Cloudera and MongoDB. Udacity courses range from teaching the basis of the programming to the more advance courses that help you to give sense that how to make sense of data.


  • Learn to code in JavaScript, Java, HTML, PYTHON, CSS and other programming languages.
  • Udacity learners have also found boundless success in the career changes from sales to mobile app development, by staying at home parent to full stack developer.
  • Udacity app is the experience that fits in the lifestyle for learning programming on android

#3 C Programming

The C Progarmming application allows the users to bring the basic C programming files in your Android. It consist of about 90+ C Programs. The interface of the app is very simple so the user can understand the contents easily.


  • Chapter wise all C tutorials
  • Consist about 100+ C programs
  • Programs with the comments of the users for better understanding
  • User get output for each program
  • Classified question and answers
  • Important exams question and very simple user interface

#4 Learn Python


Python is also included in the one of the most in-demand programming language in these days. Learn Python app provide complete and cooperative with your companions, while surfing through the short lessons and quizzes. Practice writing Python code within the application, collect points and show your skills that you are a good programmer.


  • Learn basics of Python
  • Different types of data
  • Control Structures
  • Modules and functions
  • Exception and working with files

#5 Learn Programming

Learn Programming app was developed for the purpose of the thesis on “interactive textbook of internet technologies”. It consist on the detail of all elements used in HTML 5 Explanation. If anyone try to write code that will automatically show it in the browser.


  • Contain about 30 languages
  • Questions for interview and every type of question about programming for your jobs
  • HTML 5 details about tags and even more
  • App can be customized in the setting

I hope you can enjoy the best programming apps and learn coding. Give your reviews in the comments section below.


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