Torrent Sites Uses Your CPU Power for Cryptocurrency Mining


Many top torrent websites add a choice to donate them through bitcoins. In addition, they offer .onion address to help you access them via dark web. But, recently a different has been pointed out for generating revenues. In a first, the Pirate Bay torrent has been observed to be using a browser-based miner for cryptocurrency mining.

It was observed that the javascript code within the internet site uses your processor to mine Monero altcoin. According to an article from TorrentFreak, ThePirateBay Tested this feature for about 24 hours as a way to earn revenue.

“The miner does indeed appear to boom CPU utilization quite a bit. It’s far throttled at distinctive rates (we’ve seen both 0.6 and 0.8), but the growth in resources is right away noticeable,” the record provides.

The internet site has been the using a miner from Coinhive and the code was embedded in website’s footer. This code became noticed when many ThePirateBay users observed a spike of their CPU utilization.

It turned into additional noticed that the Monero cryptocurrency miner wasn’t enabled. As a substitute, it only regarded in category listings and search results; it didn’t seem at the homepage or individual torrent download web page.

As it becomes spotted as an experiment, we are able to predict the future of this initiative. There may be an additional opportunity that the Pirate Bay can update the commercials with some crypto miner.

Recently, TheTorrentBay launched a survey for users on their forums and in that they have clearly stated that ThePirateBay would need some kind of money stream in order to make their website alive and free for everyone. And for that they would have to monetize their website. They have asked from the users’ opinion whether they would like to see Ads or they can use some amount of their CPU power for cryptocurrency mining. They have clearly mentioned that CPU consumption will be very low and it will be done in only one tab of browser in case ThePirateBay website is opened in many tabs. Many users have supported to use their CPU power for cryptocurrency mining as a way for monetization if they promise to have the website interface clean.

Many other websites also have tend to use this monetization method and this will be adopted more rapidly as governments issues some kind of stable laws regarding cryptocurrency mining and cryptocurrency itself.

Read more about this in TorrentFreaks’s report.


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