$1.8 Million Invested on Urban Base: A Virtual Housing Plan Introduced

Urban Base Virtual Housing Plan

A startup that uses virtual reality tools for interior designing and virtual housing named as Urban Base is planning to expand in Asia after spending $1.8 million in it. It’s stockholders are Magellan Technology and Capstone Partners.


Say hello to virtual world!!

Virtual Life and 360° Virtual Housing Tour of Interior Design

This Urban Base was founded in 2013 by Jinu Ha which is also a former architect and CEO of company. He decided to raise about $3 million in total. Urban Base’s untested algorithm turns 2-D floor plans into virtual spaces in a short period of time like 2 minutes.It give his user an interface from which user gets a virtual tour.

Urban Base can help people to look their future mapping and building structure that how they would look in future when they built their house and also can test various carpets and settings of house. People can decorate their room design. It would work like a future mind mapping scheme. It is basically a base jumping planning technique from which people in mechanical work can see their virtual machines working mechanism. People feels like they are living a real life other than a virtual life.

Remarks from personalities :-

Co-founder and chief strategy officer named Saejon Ho said that currently their company has made 40 partners from furniture companies with more than 4000 furniture items available for VR platform. It also worked with real estate companies to provide flooring plans for apartment in building. This would enhance builders and owner of houses to see their dream project from close view as they are in future. From this technology house plans itself to become a better part in life.

About 60 percent of total households in Korea or about 8.5 million of people are living in apartments. Urban-base’s platform helps small businesses to compete higher business by using this reality.With the improvement of this technology Urban-base is also starting to make smart phones apps to enhance the creativity and productivity of planning.

It would help small apartment builder to enter into a virtual world and then estimate which thing is needed to make it perfect.After this big achievement this technology would be introduced to China and Middle East for more compatibility.


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